Race registration

Registration options:

The registration closes on Thursday, February 13 at 6pm. However it will also be possible to register at the venue on Saturday, February 15 at the Gong Aula. The Saturday registration closes at 1pm for both – the Children´s race (the race starts at 1:35 pm) and the ČEZ City Cross Sprint (the race starts at 3:20 pm). The issue of numbers for the already registered participants will be open until 1 pm as well.

 Entry fee100 CZK for categories U15, U16, U18 and adults. 

What it contains: complete organizing activities, timekeeping, starting package, refreshments for competitors, service for cross- country skiers.

The entery fee for children born in 2004 and younger is free of charge.


babies (2014 and younger)
mini pupils (2012 – 2013)
the youngest pupils (2010 – 2011)
younger pupils (2008 – 2009)
older pupils (2006 – 2007)
younger juniors – U15 + U16 (2004 – 2005)
older juniors – U 18 (2002 – 2003)
men – women (2001 and older)

Organizers reserve the right to merge categories (or cancel them) if there is just 4 or less competitors in one category.

Reservation of cross-country skiing complets and shoes

The registration start from the end of January 2020.

From Sunday, February 16 till Sunday, March 23 (8.00-21.00) the race track will be open for public for free.

You can use a reservation system ( available from February )  to book cross-country skiing equipment. The number of sets of equipment is limited. In cooperation with MADSHUS and SWIX companies we offer rental of cross-country skis, poles and shoes for the whole time of public skiing. The price for renting is 50 CZK per hour.

Rental for schools is free of charge, reservations for them can be made for two consecutive hours maximally.

Payment is possible only in cash at the place.

Online reservation of cross-country skiing complets and shoes


Shoes No.33


Shoes No.35


Shoes No.36


Shoes No.37


Shoes No.38


Shoes No.40


Shoes No.41


Shoes No.42


Shoes No.43


Shoes No.44


Shoes No.45


Shoes No.46


Skis No.140 cm


Skis No.160 cm


Skis No.170 cm


Skis No.180 cm


Skis No.190 cm


Skis No.195 cm


Skis No.200 cm


Skis No.205 cm


Poles No.105 cm


Poles No.110 cm


Poles No.120 cm


Poles No.130 cm


Poles No.135 cm


Poles No.140 cm


Poles No.145 cm


Poles No.155 cm


Poles No.160 cm


Poles No.170 cm